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"...I really can't say enough GREAT things about Hair Color To Go! Throughout the whole process they were understanding, patient, perseverant and I always felt I was in the best of hands. Their knowledge of hair  and hair coloring is unsurpassed and I've been to salons all over the world so I can say this!"

Cristina S.

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Color Enhancing Hair Conditioner

Hair Colour To Go color enhancing conditioners help repair damaged hair, add moisture from the roots to the ends, and replenish important nutrients for healthier, long lasting results.

Specifically, hair conditioners replenish moisture in the cuticles to protect hair from damaging elements such as blow-driers, weather, hair spray, chlorinated water, etc. Conditioners also help detangle, "lubricate" and soften hair for greater manageability and "comb through."

Colour To Go can customize your color sealant conditioner to match your hair color formula. By doing this, you can maintain your great looking hair color and extend the quality of your Colour To Go treatments. To get customized color enhancing hair conditioner, all you have to do is complete your profile (if you haven't already).

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Hair Colour To Go's main salon is located in Milwaukee, WI, less than 2 hrs. from Chicago, IL
with additional salons in Ft. Lauderdale, FL