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"...Best of all, I can do it myself, in the comfort of my own home and whenever I choose to. No more expensive salons and waste of time traveling there and back plus the time spent just sitting there fretting and hoping the color will turn out as you imagined it."

Cristina S.

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Here are some testimonials received from satisfied customers. Please let us know how we are doing and we will share your experiences with others.

Thank you,
The Hair Colour To Go™ Staff

Dear Colour To Go,

Thank you!!!!!
As you know, I tried to color my hair after I had just had a perm. The result was a head full of blue/black looking hair - a total disaster!

It is amazing how the condition of your hair affects how you feel inside. I didn't want to go to work (at a job I have been at for 10 years) or go out in public. You did an amazing job of restoring the color of my hair, with the perm intact and soft to the touch.

I wish to Thank You again, and if there is any way I can help you or your business by testifying that you can work "miracles," just let me know.

Thank you again,
Sandra R.

To all of you at Colour to Go:

I just wanted to say thank you for the help and expertise in "correcting" my hair color this last Saturday. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your getting me in right away when I called and described my blonde to red disaster. You were all so understanding and didn't let me walk out of your salon until the color was just right! When I walked into work on Monday morning, I got nothing but compliments. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had to go in with copper red! (Well, I can imagine, that is why I had such panic all over my face!)

One co-worker asked for your card and information, so there is one referral already.

Thank you again.

Carol B.

To the highly skilled staff at Colour to Go,

THANK YOU. I was very pleased with the personal attention I received last Saturday. I left with more than I expected and I am very happy. I have a 40th birthday in 2 weeks and this was just what I needed. I have been getting many compliments and I am glad to share my experience.

Thanks again,
Chris H.

While I do like saving money by using Colour To Go color, what I like the most about it is being able to color my hair at my convenience. I can plan coloring my hair around events, and activities, and can do it anytime day or night, and the color is beautiful.

Joanne A.

I have been using "Colour to Go" for longer than I would like to admit. Unlike today's young ladies who add variety and spice to their hair with color, I cover gray. The result is: I feel younger and better about myself. I have no idea just how gray I have become over the years because this product looks so natural and last so long. I have changed and experimented with many new products on the market over the past ten years BUT never even toyed with the idea of changing to another hair color product.

Mary R.

Hair Color To Go has been WONDERFUL from the first day I contacted them through their website.. I was fed up with spending a lot of money going to salons to color my hair only to be disappointed because not only had they had NOT arrived at the color I wanted, but it had cost me a bundle and I had wasted half a day at the salon.

I was a little apprehensive of working "at a distance" since it's hard enough when someone actually SEES and FEELS your hair "in person", but with the help of digital photography, email, the occasional phone call and trusting that you're in the best hands, this wonderful group of professionals not only has saved me time and money on my hair coloring, but more importantly, Ted Berry and his whole team worked diligently until they found the EXACT shade I wanted - something that was of utmost importance to me. I have to tell you... this is not an easy task since I have quiet a bit of stubborn, uneven gray and my hair is not the easiest to color generally speaking, so it's quite an accomplishment! Best of all, I can do it myself, in the comfort of my own home and whenever I choose to. No more expensive salons and waste of time traveling there and back plus the time spent just sitting there fretting and hoping the color will turn out as you imagined it.

I really can't say enough GREAT things about Hair Color To Go! Throughout the whole process they were understanding, patient, perseverant and I always felt I was in the best of hands. Their knowledge of hair  and hair coloring is unsurpassed and I've been to salons all over the world so I can say this! As if this weren't enough, their professionalism and practicality doesn't stop at the artistic part of their business. Once you arrive at your desired shade, then you can be put on "auto-send" if you so chose ...this is where your hair color gets sent to you on a fixed time interval, which makes it easy to have your hair color at hand without having to even think about re-ordering!

I've been a Hair Color To Go client for three years and will be forever!

Cristina S.

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with additional salons in Ft. Lauderdale, FL