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"...Best of all, I can do it myself, in the comfort of my own home and whenever I choose to. No more expensive salons and waste of time traveling there and back plus the time spent just sitting there fretting and hoping the color will turn out as you imagined it."

Cristina S.

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Coloring Your Hair

Coloring hair is a complex process that involves more than the application of a coloring agent into your hair, letting it sit, then washing it out. For your benefit, we've provided the following information to help you understand some of these complexities. The more you understand, the easier it will be to customize a formula that best meets your hair color needs.

The following topics are covered below:
    The Nature of Hair Color
    Artificial Hair Coloring
    Changing Previously Colored Hair to a Lighter Color
    Returning Colored Hair to its Natural Color
    Getting Rid of Stains Around The Hair Line

Have you ever noticed how your hair color can look different at home, at work, or outdoors? Because color is a reflection of light, hair color will reflect the background colors of the surrounding environment.

    TIP As you begin to compare hair color swatches to select a new color or to match your existing hair color, do so in a well-lit room with white walls, outdoors in the daylight, and/or in a variety of well lit rooms. This will help you accurately match and select your color choice so that you will be satisfied with the results of your customized Hair Colour To Go� formula.

In general, hair coloring is simply the application of artificial color pigments to change the color of your hair. There are four types of hair color: Temporary, Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent and Permanent.

  • TEMPORARY: A temporary color will stain or coat the outside of the hair shaft, and as the name implies, it will wash out in one or two shampoos. We use temporary coloring in our custom blended shampoos and conditioners to maintain or "refresh" your hair color between regular color treatments.

  • SEMI-PERMANENT: Like temporary coloring, semi-permanent coloring is a short-term option that can add greater depth to hair. It provides a slight blend with the existing color, but may not thoroughly cover the existing color. Semi-permanent hair coloring will last a lot longer than temporary coloring, but washes out between four and six shampoos.

  • DEMI-PERMANENT: This type of coloring is designed to deposit color for subtle changes, but will not lighten the hair. Demi-permanent color will provide some coverage for someone with a small percentage of gray, but it may not offer complete coverage for someone with moderate to mostly gray hair. When coloring your hair with demi-permanent color, it will last four to six weeks.

  • PERMANENT COLORING: Coloring your hair with permanent hair coloring generally gets the best results. It is flexible to lighten hair up to three levels from sheer coverage to complete coverage with more intense shades. It is also the most durable with coverage lasting five to six weeks.

It is difficult to adjust recently colored hair before it has completely washed out. For example: a person who colors his or her hair brown one week, can not simply use a different hair color to change it to blond the next week. To do so could substantially damage the hair, and produce unwanted color pigmentation. If such hair color change is desired, we strongly encourage you to work directly with one of our professional technicians or a professional salon in your area.

It is difficult to adjust recently colored hair before it has completely washed out. For example: if a person colors his or her hair blond and wishes to return to their natural color (or darker), the hair must be prepigmented. If such hair color change is desired, we strongly encourage you to work directly with one of our professional hair technicians or a professional salon in your area.

The careful application of a hair coloring formula is generally the best way to avoid color stains on the hairline. However, depending on the color type (light or dark) and volume, sometimes stains are unavoidable, even at the best salons. To avoid potential interference with the hair coloring process, we recommend that you do not use Vaseline or any other cream prior to coloring your hair. Instead, when your hair coloring process is complete, we recommend massaging water into the color on your hair, and take this time to clean your hairline as best as possible. This should remove most stains. If stains persist, you can use a ready-made stain remover available through Hair Colour To Go™ or most professional salons in your area.

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