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"...I've been a Hair Color To Go client for three years and will be forever!"

Cristina S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. IS COLOUR TO GO HAIR COLOR EASY TO USE? Yes. Colour To Go provides step-by-step instructions to apply your custom-mixed color. The rich conditioning base provides a no drip texture. When you use the tint brush, provided free with your first hair coloring, you will get complete and accurate coverage.

2. IS COLOUR TO GO HAIR COLOR SAFE? Yes. Our products are professionally formulated for salon results. We use a very low ammonia content. Our formulas are very gentle on your hair and scalp, while providing long lasting color and excellent gray coverage. Our developers contain carefully measured amounts of peroxide to achieve your desired results. The hair color dyes do not contain lead or other mineral salts. Your hair will shine with rich color, have incredible body and be very manageable. However, if you are prone to skin allergies, we encourage you to conduct the simple allergy test as described in the instructions.

3. HOW CAN I GET AN EXACT COLOR IF IT'S NOT ON THE SWATCHES? Colour To Go guarantees your results. To help with these results your personal profile must be complete and accurate. If you'd like to go one step further, we encourage you to submit a recent digital photo of your head/hair as well as a photo of the color you desire. In this case, more information is better than not enough. If you have special circumstances, one of our color technicians will gladly speak with you to work out the details.

4. ARE THERE HEALTH RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH HAIR COLOR? When used according to instructions, coloring hair is a safe practice and procedure. Numerous studies confirm the safety of hair color. You may find copies of these reports on various websites. Generally, the incidence of health problems or illness is no greater for people who color their hair as compared to people who don't.

5. CAN I COLOR MY HAIR IF I'M PREGNANT? There is no evidence to infer any health problems with coloring hair during pregnancy. However, as a rule you should consult your physician before you use any chemicals to treat your hair. We have sometimes heard physicians recommend a semi-permanent color in the first trimester, and some will suggest only off-the-scalp color (Highlighting). Check with your physician if you are unsure or have questions.

6. I NEED HELP DECIDING WHAT COLOR WOULD LOOK BEST ON ME. There are several things Colour To Go can do to help. Use the Colour To Go hair swatches in various lighting situations to help distinguish different tones for your skin and eye color. A digital photo of your head/hair will help your qualified technicians verify your personal profile to get the best results. Finally, we encourage you to read the appropriate advice under "Guidelines for Blonds, Brunettes, Redheads and Gray Coverage".

7. HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY NEW HAIR COLOR? Colour To Go can customize shampoos and conditioners based on your color formula for great looking, long lasting results. You can also get specialty shampoos and conditioners for use on color treated hair. Other tips include: always use a conditioner; don't brush your hair when it's wet; use a wide tooth comb to gently remove tangles; use cool water to help prevent fading. In addition to these tips, you should avoid excessive exposure to the sun and chlorine, as they can prematurely fade color treated hair.

8. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I COLOR MY HAIR? Typically, clients color their hair every four to six weeks, but everybody's hair grows at different rates. If your hair grows quickly, or if your hair color is an extreme difference from your natural color, you may have to color sooner. Never let the outgrowth get to be more than one inch, or you may end up with bands of varying color as body heat effects the results.

9. I DON'T ALWAYS NEED A FULL APPLICATION. CAN I SAVE IT? No. Once your color is mixed, it needs to be used right away to guarantee its effectiveness. We also strongly recommend that you use the entire contents of each container in your kit to maximize your results. Only using a partial tube can result in patchy, inconsistent results.

10. CAN I APPLY YOUR HAIR COLOR ALL OVER MY HAIR EVERY TIME? We don't recommend it. You should color the entire length of your hair for the entire processing time only once. As long as you have hair color in the lengths of your hair, start with the root area first, unless personalized instructions tell you differently. Our hair color products will be gentler to your hair when you follow the timing instructions included with your color. Then, by the time you apply the color through the ends of your hair, the chemicals have dissipated so it acts more like a semi-permanent color to refresh the color of ends of your hair with no further chemical damage. If you are happy with the color of your ends, don't pull the color through. Just do the outgrowth.

11. SOMETIMES MY COLOR SEEMS TOO DARK / TOO LIGHT. CAN I LEAVE IT IN LESS TIME? No. Your formula and timing has been designed specifically to your profile and hair needs. The product is what we call non-progressive and pre-determined. Your predetermined formula assures predictable results when applied correctly. If your results are a little too dark or a little too light, contact us to recalibrate your color formula.

12. WHAT ABOUT STAINS AROUND MY HAIRLINE? It is important to gently wipe any excess color off your neck and around your hairline after you finish your color application. This will minimize any chance the color has to stain your skin. Once your color has set for its processing time, add a little water on your hair and rub the hairline thoroughly before adding shampoo. If stains remain, use a baby wipe or ready made stain remover. Never use Vaseline or other cream around hairline prior to the application of your color because it can interfere with the coverage and negatively affect your results.

13. SHOULD I WEAR GLOVES WHEN I COLOR MY HAIR? Yes. We provide gloves with every color application. The skin on your hands and your fingernails will color just as your hair.

14. I USED AN OVER-THE-COUNTER PRODUCT AND MY RESULTS DON'T LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE ON THE BOX. Unlike Colour To Go hair customized hair color products, over-the-counter products are not specifically customized to your hair and skin type. Therefore results from over-the-counter products will vary from the pictures as well as the swatches (in most instances, swatch colors represent the color as it would appear on white hair). Refer to the "Guidelines for Blonds, Brunettes, Redheads, and Grey Coverage" for helpful hints when choosing the right color and to get improved results from over-the-counter products. Colour To Go uses your personal profile to customize a formula just for you. When you use our products, we guarantee the color and quality of your results.

15. WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST - COLOR OR A PERM? You should always get the perm first. Wait at least one week and/or one shampoo before coloring.

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