Custom Hair Color by Hair Colour To Go
Professional hair color. Customized do-it-yourself hair color for home use. Custom hair color. Hair color for men. Hair color for women. Do-it-yourself hair color.

There are many advantages to being a Hair Colour To Go licensee;
  1. The potential to double your income. Many new clients will come to your salon for this exclusive servive. Some will do the hair color at home; others will alternate between salon and home. New customers become salon clients for cutting, highlighting etc.
  2. The potential to build a business that has an inherent redeemable asset. When you retire you have the choice of selling your Hair Colour To Go business, or you may continue to collect your reorder commission. In many salon businesses when the owner is no longer there the business is no longer there.
  3. The opportunity to expand into more than one outlet.
  4. Residual ongoing income for the duration of your client that you can sell as part of your business or will on to your children.
  5. Excellent technical support and advice is available.
  6. Access to and support from our business and marketing team.
  7. Exclusive licensing area.
  8. Cutting edge retail products: custom blended shampoos, conditioners, and treatments custom blended by you for your clients. We use a variety of silicones, amino acids, color pigments etc., with ongoing education and support about their usage.
  9. Access to an exclusive European color created especially for Hair Colour To Go to ensure optimum results with maximum durability while maintaining the integrity of the hair. (You are not obligated to use our color or any of our products on your existing salon clientele, only on Hair Colour To Go clients.)

These are just some of the benefits of becoming a Hair Colour To Go licensee.
Coloring your hair will soon be as popular as cutting your hair or using make up. Don’t miss out on this expanding niche market. To avoid saturation there will be a limited number of outlets.

If you would like to be considered for a Hair Colour License please fill out the application form or email us.

Thank You,
Ted Berry ( Founder and President )

When a client visits our web site and your salon falls within their catchment area, we will direct and encourage that client into your salon. Furthermore, we will make available to all our existing clients your salon’s name and contact information. We will also provide your salon with client contact information online.

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