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"...their professionalism and practicality doesn't stop at the artistic part of their business. Once you arrive at your desired shade, then you can be put on "auto-send" if you so chose... this is where your hair color gets sent to you on a fixed time interval, which makes it easy to have your hair color at hand without having to even think about re-ordering!"

Cristina S.

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Color Enhancing Shampoo

Our salon-formulated color enhancing shampoo is designed to prolong the durability and quality of your hair coloring, while leaving your hair clean, soft, and pliable. Silicone additives add body while helping safeguard from damage caused by heat and excessive drying. Hydrolyzed wheat germ is also added to nourish your hair, adding body and sheen.

We can also custom blend the shampoo to your exact specifications which will complement your hair coloring treatment and provide the most complete hair coloring experience possible. When you use our custom-blended shampoo, you minimize the damage that regular washing can have on hair color treatments, and maximize the quality and condition of your existing color.

If you have not completed a personal profile for hair coloring products, you will need to do so in order to get our customized color enhancing shampoo.

So what are you waiting for?    Let’s GET STARTED!

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