Thank you for choosing Hair Colour To Go™ custom mixed hair color. To get started we need to create your personal profile. Please provide the following information to help our certified cosmetologists formulate the very best customized hair color just for you. All information you supply is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and will not be used for any purposes other than to provide Hair Colour To Go™ products and services.

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1. You may submit this information online by filling in the information
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3. You may call us at 1-262-786-5450 and a cosmetologist will take your information over the phone and process your order.

City, State, Postal Code:
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Phone Number:
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Date of Birth:
(optional but helpful)
Follow up is via e-mail. If you prefer a different method, please indicate in the comments section below.

Personal Hair Analysis Profile

This section of your profile will be used to specifically identify your existing color and the desired color. You will need to use the Colour To Go hair swatches to complete this portion of your profile. Use the codes printed on each swatch to complete this information. Be sure to fan the hair color swatches so the color is not so concentrated.
1) Using just the "N Series" of hair color swatches (3N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 9N,10N), match the natural color at your scalp (your root color) to the swatch that comes closest. If your color falls between two swatches, choose the darker one.
My ROOT COLOR is closest to Swatch#: N
2) Next, using all of the swatches, match the color on the ends of your hair to a color swatch. If your color falls between two swatches, choose the lighter one.
My END COLOR is closest to Swatch#:
3) Now choose the color you would like your hair to be! If you do not find exactly what you are looking for you may choose a combination of two swatches or describe the desired results. (example: 6RB with more red)
My DESIRED COLOR is closest to Swatch #:
4) If you have highlights, using all of the swatches, match the color. If your hair falls between two colors, choose the lighter one.
My DESIRED HIGHLIGHT COLOR is closest to Swatch #:

Use this section to tell us about the current condition of your hair.
5) Hair Length:

6) Hair Texture:


7) Hair Density (how much hair):

8) Condition of Scalp:

  (check all that apply)
Sensitive Damaged  

9) Hair Treatments: Please indicate all hair treatments that you have had in the last 6 months. For any hair color applications or highlights, please check which apply, and list the brand of any over-the-counter products.
(check all that apply) If so, How long ago?
Which Brand(s)?
Permanent Color
Semi-Permanent Color
Color Remover

10) Check all that apply
to your hair:
Takes color unevenly
Takes color too dark at front of hairline
  Fades too quickly
  Grabs color too dark on ends
  Gray is difficult to cover
  Fades to an unwanted tone
  Takes perm quickly
  Takes color too dark all over

11) Gray Percentage:
Separate your hair and examine the amount of gray hair in comparison to your natural color at the scalp. Do you feel you have:

  75% Gray

12) Is the Gray:
Evenly scattered throughout (salt and pepper)
(check all that apply)
Some streaks or strands
Patchy - specific areas of gray: hairline, crown, temples

13) Eye Color:

14) Skin Tone, Wrist:

15) Skin Tone, Face:

16) Skin Undertone color, Wrist:

17) Skin Undertone color, Face:

18) Ethnicity:

Additional Comments:
Please feel free to add any additional information or comments that you feel may be helpful.

(Enter the text in the image)

Photos and Hair Samples: A photo of your head/hair or a hair sample can be helpful if you would like to send one, however this is not required. You can mail a photo along with this profile, or attach a digital image to an email.

Hair Colour To Go™ can match any color you wish. If you have a color in mind that is not represented with the swatches, you may submit a picture or photo (even one clipped from a magazine) and we will match the color, guaranteed.

Thank you for completing your profile and self-analysis,
which will enable us to customize a hair color formulation just for you!
We will respond to your hair profile within 48 hours.

Please click here to learn about hair treatment products that can also be customized for your hair.

Call us at 1-262-786-5450 and a cosmetologist will
be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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