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"I have been using "Colour to Go" for longer than I would like to admit. Unlike today's young ladies who add variety and spice to their hair with color, I cover gray. The result is: I feel younger and better about myself. I have no idea just how gray I have become over the years because this product looks so natural and last so long..."

Cristina S.

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Your Personal Senior Color Consultant

All Hair Colour To Go clients are assigned a Senior Colour Consultant to provide expert individual consultation and advice.

In addition to being a certified cosmetologist, each Senior Color Consultant must complete 18 months of individual training and apprenticeship with Ted Berry. With more than 30 years experience in the salon industry, Ted has trained colorists and cosmetologists around the world, including instruction for a world-renowned European salon company.

Here is what Ted says about his trained consulting group: "For hair color to work appropriately, it is critical that the correct questions are asked and the appropriate formula mixed. Hair coloring is a science like chemistry, and it is important for clients to know that our Senior Color Consultants are some of the best "chemists" I've ever worked with. They ask the right questions, mix the correct formulas, and provide nothing but the best personalized salon service we can offer for terrific looking salon home hair coloring results."

You can't get this service from a box, and unless you pay for it, you can't get this service from a salon. Our results and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for, let's GET STARTED

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